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Life With TFAOTP!*

Gearing up for a hip replacement surgery in the next month. Last one was in 1997 - and techniques have drastically changed - thank goodness. Last time I had to use a cane for several months post surgery - which reminded me of this story (always with the stories...不不).

One of my medical transcription accounts was the Pathology Department at our local hospital. When your hip is replaced, the surgical specimen - in this case my sawed off femur head - was sent to Pathology for diagnostic evaluation. One of my pathology doc buddies did the work up of my hip bone. But after the necessary tests, he did not send it to be disposed of as bio-waste.

Instead - he had it made into a walking cane for me! It was totally gross and totally cool at the same time - this gnarled, roundish piece of bone as the hand grip for the cane.

I got so many comments on it everywhere I used it to hobble along, trying to get a normal gait back. Until...

...the morning I woke to find that one of my dogs had carried it off to his hidey hole, and gnawed it to bits! 不不不

This time I'm told I will be able to walk unaided immediately post op - so won't need another handy (or "hippy") cane.

*The Finest Animal On The Planet

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