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Good Morning, World!

Well, here first blogging ever. Got my coffee, my laptop, and a beautiful Friday morning to get started.

This blog page will be filled with doggy antidotes, experiences, ghost stories, crafting ideas and how-to's. Site Members will be able to preview new pieces here and use their Member Code to purchase items at a 25% discount. In other words, a fun place to read about lots and lots of different stuff - and enjoy loads of photos of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

On April Fool's Day this year, my boy TuTT (Blackheath's American Pharaoh) had his first litter touch down. 1 girl, 6 boys - all healthy and beautiful - and mom (Blackheath's Bold 'n Determined) is doing a super job (with the wonderful help of her owners, Andrea and Kevin). I'm heading over to their place again tomorrow morning to visit with them. And there will be lots of photos! Watch for their pics to be posted here. Jeanne, Dotty, Anthony and Linda, Dave and Lynn, Todd, and Jared and Grace - you'll be able to check out their pics here without having to use Facebook.

This litter gave Kevin and Andrea a bit of an April Fool's prank - the first one, the girl, arriving at 9:30 pm on April Fool's Day, and the last one arriving about 3:30 pm on Saturday, April 3rd! Kevin took Connie in to see the vet a few days before the expected delivery date, 3/31, for an x-ray to determine the number of pups in the litter and be prepared. The vet thought 6. I looked at the x-ray and thought 8, as did many other of my long-time dog breeding friends. She settled after the first five were born (between 9:30 PM on Thursday, and 1:30 am on Friday). I went to see the newborns on Saturday morning. After checking Connie, I told Kevin I was pretty sure was at least one more pup in the oven. And while I was sitting there telling how the vet would give her an injection that would help induce labor if Connie was just too tired to have another pup - why - another little guy arrived! This was about 2 pm on Saturday. Another boy! Kevin made an appointment to see the vet to make sure all was well - there still was at least 1 more pup waiting to make its entrance.

At the vet's office, Connie was given an injection and the vet told Kevin he should just go home and wait - the pup would arrive in a few hours. Prior to going to the vet, I suggested Kevin take some supplies with him just in case the pup arrived in the back seat on his way back home. Sure enough, the final pup made his entry around 3 pm on Saturday afternoon. A very long ordeal for all involved! But as I said above, all are healthy and doing well. I expect their eyes will be open when I go to visit in the morning.

So - today, after publishing this first blog page, I will be working on a playful sculpture - "The Pole Dancer" - you can see a finished piece if you click here, and I guarantee, if you have ever groomed a dog, this piece will put a smile on your face :-)

Have a great weekend everyone - and be sure to check back to see photos of TuTT and Connie's babies, and watch them grow!

and PS - if you notice the ashtray in the photo background, I do not smoke. If you look closely at the photo, you will see that it's a ceramic ashtray with ceramic cigarettes - it's for my friends who do smoke, to make them think twice when they do. Because what you can see, also in the ashtray, is a set of ceramic lungs, glazed to look like smoker's lungs look like - nasty and black. Sorry - sick nonsmoker humor?

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